The invention and production process of the Fascia-ReleaZer®

09/2011: Hypothesis formulation: Does the biomechanical stiffness properties in tissues decrease parallel to pain reduction as well as elasticity increase in shoulder pain patients through a new myofascial triggerpoint-release technique?
Begin of a pilot study to assess hypothesis.

03/2012: Presentation of the pilot study at the Fascia Research Congress Vancouver with the title: Assessment of Myofascial Trigger Point Release with a novel Myometer (MyotonPRO) in addition to an Algometer".

The research tool which was used in this pilot study is a non-invasive, quick and reliable method of assessing the visco-elastic and biomechanical properties of tissues implemented through the Myometer (MyotonPRO).
05/2012: Development of the first Fascia-ReleaZer® prototype made out of copper.

05/2012-04/2014: Diverse further pilot studies examining the effects of non-vibratory tool assisted treatment and self-treatment on tissues with the MyotonPRO, Algometer and pain scale.

Over the period of 2 years 6,500 treatments with the first prototypes of the Fascia-ReleaZer®.

05/2013: First meeting with Marco Bühler from the company Beurer, Europes leading healthcare company to envision a collaboration for the production of the Fascia-ReleaZer®.

05/2014: Second meeting with Marco Bühler from the Beurer company. Introduction of Christopher Gordons  invention of diverse Fascia-ReleaZer® prototypes. First new prototype design-developement of the Fascia-ReleaZer® with vibratory oscillation.

05/2014-05/2015: Multiple pilot studies examining the biomechanical and visco-elastic property changes in tissues, temperature, range of motion, hydration, pain sensitivity and subjective sensitization pre to post intervention with the Fascia-ReleaZer®.

A total of 15 different prototypes were developed in the last three years.

10/2014: International patent application from Christopher-Marc Gordon of the Fascia-ReleaZer®.

02/2015: International trade mark registration from Christopher-Marc Gordon of the Fascia-ReleaZer®.

06/2015: Transferal of patent rights to the company Beurer.

09/2015: Presentation of a randomized, controlled study with 111 athletes using the Fascia-ReleaZer at the Fascia Congress Washington DC.

09/2015: Received best poster presentation award from the Fascia Research Congress jury.

26/11/2015: Fascia-ReleaZer® and book market launch in Germany (Amazon).

2016: Sales launch of the Deep-ReleaZer (a sepecial attachment for Fascia-ReleaZer® for the treatment of specific muscle and tissue areas).

05/2018: Publication of the randomized, controlled study with the Fascia-ReleaZer® and 111 athletes in the journal Sports Medicine - Open (Pubmed).